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Being a father and business owner, I understand the importance of feeling, moving, and looking my best as I get older. However, I also know how challenging it can be, which is why I created LYFCOR. Whether you're a busy entrepreneur, a mom on the go, or someone struggling with fitness goals, LYFCOR is your solution. It's a nutrition and lifestyle coaching company designed for you and your lifestyle to help you achieve your goals. My program is crafted to simplify the process, providing weekly accountability and coaching to support you every step of the way for the best results. Don’t wait; get started today by applying for your consultation.

Matt is a top notch coach. He keeps to his word and he has the best interest of his clients. His dream became a reality and now he is able to help people all over the country. He now has a top notch gym and works with clients all over the country. My biggest issues are being worked on with Matt. So grateful. Thank you.


This gym is amazing, Matt has helped me and my wife change our views on working out and the food we were eating. We have already seen changes with making the small changes he has suggested.


The LYFCOR is amazing! This is the first time I have felt completely comfortable at a gym! Matt Johnson is amazing and I have seen amazing results in just 2 months! Everyone needs to join LYFCOR


Matt is super awesome, and so good at getting you in shape, he knows all the tricks to help you loose weight quickly.


I cannot say enough about LYFCOR! Matt is so knowledgeable in so many areas. I was really struggling with my weight and body image at 50 and was so confused by all the conflicting chatter about nutrition and exercise. Matt gives you a program that is easy to follow and specific to your needs. I was able to hone in and target what my body needed. Since then, if I ever fall off the wagon or go through a stressful period in life, I am able to return to my plan to get back where I need to be. You will love working with Matt!!


I am so grateful for Matt’s support & assistance in the gym & with my nutrition over the last 3 years. I’ve learned soo much. (Mostly that consistency is key 😅) My hormones feel more balanced & overall I feel more confident in the gym and in my body. 🙌


Matt’s workouts push me hard, but I’m always reminded how strong I really am! They’re not impossible & give me a sense of accomplishment after. Matt is super knowledgeable & has spent so long perfecting each program for the individual. A tough but caring trainer!


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